Hello!! My name is BACON. That's the name I came with when my mom and dad adopted me, but my mom has all kinds of funny names for me. I was adopted when I was 4 months old. Mom said I was tiny and weighed only 17 pounds. I'm a 3-year old black and white potbellied pig who now weighs around 170 pounds. I have a little white patch of hair in the center of my forehead, mom thinks it is so cute. I like Lots of things... bananas, cheerios, playing in the backyard, snuggling, long belly rubs in the warm sun, butterflies, smelling pretty flowers, eating grass, fresh cucumbers, blackberries from the market, creamy peanut butter, banana nut bread, laying in the soft green grass, my brother Eggs, Jack, and Peanut, and playing with Mr. Bunny in the backyard. See, I like lots of things. 
This is my brother EGGS!! Mom adopted him too. He was just a little bitty baby when she found him in the middle of a busy road. We took him in and helped him get big and strong. Now he runs all over the house and is super happy. We are working on a book together. Mom made us our own Little Library where we can share the joy of reading with all the neighborhood children.
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